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Help With Invention is brought to you by Patent Services USA, a Miami, Florida-based intellectual services company that can help you take your invention idea from a concept to a real, marketable product.

Getting a product from idea to concept to market is not an easy journey. Work with us and you can leverage our huge network of qualified independent professionals who can guide you along the path of protecting your intellectual property.

Our process is simple but effective. We will work with you and help you research, document and protect your product idea. What’s even better is that we are able to provide you with discounted pricing that we have negotiated with our network of professionals due to the amount of business we conduct with them.

Whether this is your first time as an inventor who wants to protect and market your idea, or whether you have done this in the past, we are fully prepared and equipped to guide you through the process of patenting and protecting your invention idea.


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Our network of registered patent attorneys is based here in the United States and they will work with you to establish patent protection for your product idea.

Upon grant of a patent, we will connect you with one of our licensing affiliates who help you market and license your intellectual property directly to a network of manufacturers on a 100% contingency fee basis.

This website is designed to provide you with resources that we hope you will find useful as you embark on your journey as an inventor. Feel free to browse the various articles and videos.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.