Cost of Obtaining a Patent

Cost of Obtaining a Patent

If you are looking to file a patent application, you should be prepared to have some cash readily available. The cost of filing a patent depends on the size of the product and the scope of the work you’d like to have performed, but it can be expected to cost a few thousand dollars. The costs for obtaining a patent can be broken down into three main expense categories.

obtaining a patent

1) Agency Fees

This fee is not technically required to file a patent, but it is highly recommended if you’d like to increase the chances of your patent application being successful. The costs of an agency pale in comparison to the costs of having to file an amended application. A patent agency can ensure the application is thorough and completed the first time successfully. Consider it an investment in your product. If you try to take a shortcut and skimp out on hiring an agency, it could cost you a significant amount of money in the long-term.

2) Filing Fees With The United States Patent And Trademark Office

These fees are mandated by the USPTO and will need to accompany your application. Fees vary based on the type of product you are filing and the size of your entity. For example, a basic filing fee for a design application is $180. For the same product application, the Small Entity Fee is $90, and the Micro Entity Fee is $45.

The USPTO also requires you to pay Patent Search Fees and Patent Examination Fees, which are considerably more than the basic application fees. More information can be found on the USPTO’s website.

3) Drawing Fees

Thorough drawings will need to accompany your patent application. Hiring a professional patent artist who is familiar with necessary patent requirements can help increase your chances of approval. Many professional patent artists use professional software to create extensive drawings.

Unless you are an exceptional artist, you should budget drawing fees into the cost of obtaining a patent.


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