How Patent Drafting Can Lead To The Best Patent

How Patent Drafting Can Lead To The Best Patent

Obtaining a patent can be a daunting experience. It can also be incredibly time-consuming, even when done correctly. It is best that you are thorough in each step and avoid costly mistakes along the way, which is why patent drafting is an important step. Patent drafting is a great learning tool that can help you avoid common patent application mistakes.

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What Is Patent Drafting?

Drafting a patent claim is the art of writing a patent that will be approved. When drafting a patent claim, you’ll want to define a working invention that is both novel and non-obvious. When drafting a patent application, your goals are a

  • To provide a clear, concise description of the invention
  • Identify what you believe you have invented
  • Identify what you wish to have protected.

The drafting process is important because it can ensure your patent is approved the first time. The earlier you secure a patent for your product, the sooner you can begin moving forward with production and sales. Failing to draft can lead to your patent being denied, proving incredibly costly.

Important Considerations  

It is first recommended that you read other patents before drafting yours. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with what is needed for the patent application. One key thing that should be evident in reading other patents is that a patent is not a business plan. When approving your patent, the government is not concerned about how you will tap into your target market. They are concerned about your product.

When beginning to write a patent draft, you should be able to answer a few basic questions.

  • What is your invention?
  • How is the invention constructed, and how do various parts make up the invention?
  • How do these pieces work together?
  • Is there more than one invention that’s been created?
  • Is there more than one version of this invention?


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